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      Yunan county shengda Rosin chemical Co., LTD
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      Yunfu Shengda Songzhi Chemical (Factory) Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise established in 2001 and mainly engaged in the production of rosin and deep process of rosin products.The enterprise annually produces 500 tons of turpentine, 3500 tons of rosin , 2,000 tons of polymerized rosin. Most of the products are exported, which are praised by customers.

      The company is specialized in producing rosin and  polymerized rosin and other products and it has many years of production experience. Furthermore, the company has a strong R & D capability. And it’s product-high softening point polymerization rosin gets the national invention patent.

      Our company adheres to the quality first and the reputation first and pays much attention to strengthening enterprise management. The company uses the domestic advanced steam technology to produce rosin and polymerized rosin . 200 # solvent oil and sulfuric acid are used for the production. And sulfuric acid is used as catalyst to produce food grade polymerized rosin. The technology reaches the international advanced level.

      The company's goal is quality first, reputation first, scientific management, sustainable development, outstanding modern enterprise esteblishment and a world famous brand creation. Warmly invite you to join us. 

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